Sunday, November 23, 2014


I wonder if you'd forget me when I'm gone. I don't mean dead, but just away from here. The urge to run and leave, and forge my own path is overwhelming. I feel stifled and trapped inside my head, only rarely letting myself out. It's strange the things you forget, and the things you don't. A scent that stimulates your mind, a place that awakens your soul after being at rest for so long. A touch reminiscent of a past lover, bringing to life feelings of nostalgia.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

I'm untitled

I don't know who I am, at times. I feel like a million things all at once, then I feel like nothing. Abandoned at times by those I normally feel closest to. Being there for them, offering support, and at times, advice. But when I'm feeling lost, confused, and pushed down by the world, I'm alone. Left to forge my path, find answers, alone.

I'm a novel barely begun, and yet at times, I feel as though I'm midway through completion, without substance. I'm a writer staring blankly at a sheet of paper, or a computer screen, unable to write a beginning, only knowing a true, definitive end.

I'm a hundred paragraphs, unconnected, yet must be connected somehow. The lines that connect them are invisibly drawn, having yet to appear and make themselves known, for I must draw them myself.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My silly little world

     I live in a silly little world, dominated by characters and stories so rich that the real world couldn't possibly compare. My world is filled with monsters and heroes, people that care, loyalty, and brotherhood. The world I adore is more real than the one I live in. People act as they should, show love where they should, and yet still have faults. They overcome those faults.

     I'd press the button in an instant. This world seems wrong. Feels wrong. Smells and tastes, wrong. People think you're something you aren't. Accuse you of things you don't do, but know them to be guilty of. I'm not thick, I'm actually pretty clever, and the thing is, I know the truth. I've always known the truth.

     My silly little world is more comforting than the emptiness that I find in the real one. My silly little world isn't filled with people plaguing me with fake feelings, manipulation of my real feelings or manipulation of some misdeeds that were perpetrated many years ago. I'd choose my silly little world, always.

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Journey of a thousand miles

Laddies, and lassies, boys and girls, it's been a while, but here I am, it's time to get the ball rolling again. It's time to turn on the machine, and it's time to get back to the bright light of the sun. So, welcome everyone to the view from the sun. The view is bright, and the light is shining on us all. If you're reading this, thank you for taking the time out of your day to do so. Now, on to the show.

The journey of a thousand miles, they say, begins with a single step. It's a long way from here to there, and I'm ready to take all the steps necessary to get to my destination. I'm here, and so are you, let's walk together. I'm not perfect. Nobody is. I don't say this to be cliché, I say this because it's true. Everyone has faults, demons, vices, and keeping them in check is sometimes the most challenging. I fall off, just like anyone else trying to control the demons, my demon, is food and it's time to tame this beast.


Today's blog is probably going to be more scatterbrained, than anything else. I'm trying to find my passion. I just don't know what I'm truly, wholly passionate about. I have many micro passions, I guess, but none that have taken over my mind. There's a woman who I think about often, but I don't know if she even knows I exist. I love music, and writing, but I don't seem to do enough of either. I like reading, but I'm never focused enough to read. I'm not saying this to spark conversation of what I should be passionate about, this really is my journey, because as anyone knows, it's about the journey, not the destination. The reason, I think, is because we all know the real destination of life. I want my journey to mean something to someone. I want to share my journey with someone. I want to share my journey with my friends.


I'm tired of doing the same old thing, every single day. I love gaming, and I will probably love it forever, but I want to try new things. Not saying I'm going to stop gaming with my friends, but It's not the only thing my life can be comprised of. I think I'm going to also start another blog chronicling my diet/weight loss/exercise regimen. Maybe friends and even strangers can offer words of encouragement and assistance.

It's time for my nap… Okay, I'm going to bed, my sleep schedule is dumb, yes, it's 8:00 in the morning. I'm tired of talking about what I'm going to do, it's time to talk about what I am doing. With that, I'm signing off. Thanks for reading, and have a bright, sun shiny day.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas (is the time)

Welcome everyone, to The View from the Sun, I am as always, your host, Erik Abbey. Today being December 23, I'd like to take a moment of your time to explain to you what Christmas means to me. First and foremost, yes, regardless of my personal beliefs and religion, it is, was and always will be, Christmas! No "happy holidays" for me, however if you are of a different religion, please, feel free to wish me a merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, merry Kwanzaa, whatever you might be celebrating, I promise to not get offended. That being said, it's time. Close your eyes, and dream of sugar plums dancing in your head. Wake up to the bright sun because this is The View from the Sun, and it's a Merry Christmas-y kind of day.

Christmas, to me, is one of the very few times throughout the year, where I believe that magic can exist. I love the wonderful music, (even if I have heard that particular version of "White Christmas" a hundred times today), I love the food, snacks and treats(a little more than I probably should), but the thing I love the most, is getting to spend time with my friends and family. Reminiscing about years past, and thinking of the future Christmas celebrations. Looking forward to the brand new year.

Some Christmas's seem more special than others. I don't know why, it just happens. I'll never forget the times when I was a youngster, and we'd spend Christmas eve at my grandmothers, celebrating the birth of Christ, and then we'd go over the next day, after going up to my Grandma and Grandpa's, and open gifts and have dinner. Spending time with my cousins, aunts and uncles, and my Grandmother especially, was fantastic. Looking back on those times, I feel like I took it all for granted. I thought that all the good times would last, that we'd all stay a tight knit family. Things and people change, but my memory stays the same.

To me, there is nothing more magical than a white Christmas. This year, we might have one, but it doesn't look like it's a definite. I'm hoping for it. I don't think a Christmas celebration can be considered complete without the Christmas classic clay-mation, stop-motion, corny ass specials. Rudolph, Frosty, Santa Claus is coming to town, and the newer, supposed classics, like Polar Express, and Elf. I love reliving the days of my youth. I remember setting up our family Christmas tree while watching Rudolph or Frosty. I hope that those shows never die, and are considered proper Christmas traditions for many, many years.

There is no doubt that, after my own birthday, Christmas is my favorite holiday, followed closely by Halloween (weird, right?). It's not a secret, I love the feeling of togetherness that most people get during Christmas, and I don't even love the presents like I once did. I can't say that I don't like them, but as a youth, they seem much more important than they do as an adult. I'm proud of that. I don't want to be a materialistic person.

I sincerely hope that all who read my blogs and even those who don't, have a Merry Christmas, and if that isn't your thing, a Happy Hanukkah, or a Merry Kwanzaa if that's what you celebrate, and of course a HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's that time again to sign off. Two blogs in less than a week? Is there something wrong with me? Nah, just trying to be productive and such with my writing. I hope that you enjoyed my take on Christmas, and I thank you for reading my little blog, here in my little corner of the internet. I hope you'll join me again in the very near future. Remember to stay sunny, my friends. The future is bright, if you make it so.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

If I could write a letter to me

Welcome one and all, to the view from the Sun I am, as always, your host Eros Helios. Procrastination is a hell of a drug. I've been meaning to write this blog for the last two weeks, and I just now, finally got around to writing it. Yes, procrastination is a habit that I wish I did not have. So, without further ado, I bring to you, the view from the Sun!

A number of years ago, Brad Paisley sang a song about writing a letter to his younger self. Upon thinking about it, I wonder what I would say to myself, if given the opportunity, in a letter. How would I prove it was me? How would I convince my younger self that it was imperative to listen to me?

If I could write a letter to me, and send it to myself at 14, I'd prove it's me by saying, only things that I would know at that age. I'd tell myself not to worry, that things can get better if you try. Health isn't anything to mess around with, focus on you and let the rest fall in line.

Don't quit school, don't fall in with the wrong people. Those that say they're your friends may not be so sincere. Someday, one in particular will come back to haunt you.

Don't forget to tell your family the truth. How much you love them, protect Michael and Shirley, but give them space. Don't forget about Grandma, spend as much time as you can with her.

Believe in yourself, and the world shall move for you. Don't let the doubts creep in and destroy your dreams. Don't fall for the wrong girl just because she's the first one to show you some affection. She's bad for you, like a poison.

Focus on learning as much as you can.

Learn as much as you can, learn as many languages as possible. Don't forget to be yourself. Don't let anyone change you. Make up your own mind, one belief isn't better than the other.

Above all else, be true to you, and remember, you can do great things if only you believe in yourself. It doesn't matter how many people believe in you, if you don't you won't succeed.

The best thing about this, is it's pertinent to me even now. I know some things are beyond my control, I can't get back the days I missed out on with my grandma, and I can't take back marrying the wrong girl, but everything else is as applicable, if not more so than if I were able to send this letter to a fourteen year old me.

Well, that about does it for me, however, I'd like to do my best and after the holidays, start either bi-weekly or weekly writing. Some of it may be good, some iffy, and some of it bad, but hey, it could be worse. Thanks for reading, and as always, enjoy the view, and stay sunny.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

30 years, 30 things I'm thankful for

en a long, long time since I've written a note on Facebook rather than a blog on Blogger. Today is Thanksgiving day, 2013 and I thought that I would write a note recounting the 30 things I'm thankful for, representing one thing per year of my life. So, without further ado, I bring to you 30 years, 30 things I'm thankful for. 

30. Electricity, without which I wouldn't be able to compose this note.

29. My favorite Television shows, providing me with background noise to do many other things.

28. Facebook. Even with all the drama, it's still a nice way to connect with old friends, and new ones.

27. The past, for without it, I wouldn't be the person I am now.

26. The present, for without it, I wouldn't know where I want to take my life.

25. Android. 'nuff said.

24. The fact that I have an open mind.

23. The ability to choose what I want to do with my life.

22. Dental hygiene. Without it, I'd probably have a lot less friends.

21. Alcohol. In moderation, a great way to enjoy ones self. If you so choose to.

20. Football! 

19. Nature. It's beauty never ceases to amaze me. 

18. The ability to vote for the right people to be in office. It doesn't always work, but at least I can vote.

17. The freedom that driving affords me. 

16. I'm thankful for my warm and nurturing home.

15. I'm thankful that I have the ability to learn new things, even now. 

14. I'm thankful for video games. 

13. I'm thankful for Wrestling. 

12. I'm thankful that I can change.

11. The New York Yankees!

10. I'm thankful for The The Doctor.

09. I'm thankful for my animals. My animals are part of my family, and they comfort me when needed and are always there.

08. I'm thankful for Tim Horton's coffee. Discovered in 2005, haven't stopped going since. 

07. Photography. One of the few things that I am truly, wholly passionate about.

06. The fairer sex. My life would literally both mean nothing and not exist without you.

05.LIFE & Science. Through which we learn what we are really all about.

04. Friends. New ones, old ones, good ones, bad ones.

03. My Family. Without your support, I might never have realized what I can be.

02. Me. I'm thankful for being me, and not giving up on myself, my goals, and realizing that no matter how dark the night, all one has to do is remember to turn on the light.

01. The men and women including my Uncle, who sacrifice much of their time, their families, and even their own lives to ensure the freedom and safety that we all enjoy. Thank you, to the men and women of the United States Military. Thank you for keeping us all safe and free so we can all realize the potential within. 

     I hope you enjoyed reading what I was thankful for on this, and everyday I'm alive. I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving day, and don't get too crazy with the shopping. I'd like to hear what you are thankful for. 

Until next time, stay warm and shiny.